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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Justin BieBer is actually 51 years old Pedophile behind the Mask

A massive search with the keywordJustin Bieber 51 is going on over the internet, after news by the Onion News Network hit the media that Justin Bieber is not a teenager, but he is a 51-year-old pedophile man.

It was really shocking for us as well, but there is video available on the website to prove that Justin Bieber is 51-years-old and not a teenager.

According to the news report by the Onion Justin Bieber is actually 51-years-old pedophile Michael Cote, who has been arrested by the police.

It is said that Cote used a mask and a wig to pose as teen idol Justin Bieber for several years, while hiring a heroin addict prostitute to act as her mother.

The news said that he did all this only to be surrounded by the pubescent girls, so he could fondle them.

This one says that Justin Bieber is actually a 51 years old man with the heading ‘Justin Bieber Found To Be Cleverly Disguised 51 Years Old Pedophile’. It was showed as shocking news for the audience with the main headlines on the website and its video news networks.
The Onion News Network says that it is actually a 51 years old pedophile Michael Cote, who has been posing as a teen heartthrob for last many years by wearing a wig and a rubber mask. The video shows the man (who apparently seems cocaine or alcohol addicted) singing like Justin and Justin singing songs in the concert where the mask going off the neck and eyes.

The visuals also show the police captured the man and comments of a psychologist etc. It has been tried to make it fully authenticated news to make the people belief but how can you believe The Onion News Network that is a satirical news network. And it is obvious that this kind of news networks always tries to create chunks,scandals or gossips and even make false stories to generate the circulations of their publications.

If it proves true, then undoubtedly it would be the BIGGEST SHOCKING BREAKING NEWS ever to hit the media but the chances are far far less since there seems no reality behind it.

This obviously appears to be another hoax targeted on Justin Bieber. Since he has huge fan following in USA, Canada, Europe and all over the world and above all he is laced with endless amount of female fan following, he has once again been encashed.

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ejum said...

berita ini sebernarya direka-reka!..ahha

ahmadmifdhal said...

sy pon xtau bnd ni btol ke tak...
nmpk gaye peratus xbtol tu lg tnggi...haha..

btw..thanks singgah my blog..
hope u can folllow my blog...
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